Live Life Dezine

At first we started out to fill up the small void. Later on, we found ourselves in the middle of an evolution. Architectural society in Myanmar is evolving. The construction sector is booming. People are demanding better living; quality living. Hence, Live Life Media connecting between Architecture, Art, Design, People, Engineering,Business, Literature and Lives.

Turn Key

Live Life Media, is publishing this “Turn Key Directory” in hope of assisting Project Manager, Project Planners, Quantity Surveyors and other Architectural/ Construction professionals who all have the intention of performing a good project management. May you all find all the required resources through our directory and may you all enjoy executing good project managements.


Live Life Media’s third step Civilization launch. Live Life Dezine nature Architecture, Should reach the design concept has been shared almost worth the benefits we have been able to stand as the academic literature. When Dezine compiled some of the content is good, but sometimes because of lack of nature characterize the magazine stand design store, we did not show it. 

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