Kalsi, our fibrecement boards, are the result of decades of committed effort to offer the best choice in fibre cement technology supported by Etex ́s worldwide network of R&D centres that provide high performance solutions.

Our raw materials, obtained from renewable sources, ensure a low carbon footprint. Cellulose is obtained from sustainable forests. Cement and aggregates from local quarries. Our low energy production processes are clean and efficient. All production waste is recycled.

Kalsi boards are the right balance of light weight, strength and durability. They are easy to work as wood, but they solve all the construction problems associated to timber in many building applications.

Resistant to water, mold growth, impact and harsh weather conditions, our fibre cement solutions are the best alternative for builders and home owners ready to explore creative building solutions and improve their way of living.

Kalsi boards are the perfect replacement of wood, concrete and masonry in dry construction solutions.


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