You can now unlock your door with a simple touch and can even remotely share the digital key to any visitors. Designed for luxury apartments and houses, the dormakaba M series offers no compromise when it comes to reliability and performance, security, dependability and versatility in a modern design and finish.

Mobility application is an extremely convenient function for users to be able to share the digital key and check the history record of the lock.

The M series locks are assembled with superbly engineered components of high grade materials for long-lasting reliability, while their sleek design is sure to complement your taste and lifestyle.

Change the way you think about home security and upgrade to a digital door lock with M series locks.

You won’t need keys anymore M Series eliminates issues commonly associated with mechanical keyed locks. It’s easy to misplace keys or accidentally lock them inside your home. This isn’t a problem with the M Series.

Multiple locking methods for multiple users The dormakaba M series supports a variety of secured unlocking methods. Instead of having to make multiple keys for your home; it’s easy to program the M locks for multiple users. This means that you can easily program the lock so it can be used by trusted friends and family members without risking your home security.